What We Do

Our Six Step Financial Planning Process

Exceptionally collaborative, our process encompasses a series of systematic steps leading to a completely customized strategy for every client we advise:

What We Do

  1. Clarify the client’s present situation by assessing relevant financial data including assets and liabilities, tax returns, securities transactions, and other information.
  2. Identify client financial and personal objectives, including values, family obligations, children’s educational requirements, and retirement planning needs.
  3. Identify financial problems that create barriers to the achievement of financial and personal goals and objectives.
  4. Provide written recommendations based on the complexity of the client’s individual situation. There is no such thing as a typical client.
  5. Assist the client in execution of the recommendation, using outside professional expert help as necessary. Without execution, a financial plan is useless.
  6. Periodically review and revise the client’s plan to ensure that goals and objectives are being progressively met.

We believe that all clients should have an IPS. This is a detailed written document that defines and describes their financial objectives and the agreed investment strategy necessary to realize them. An IPS is a road map. It tells our clients how to get to their destination.

We believe that, though important, investment performance is only part of wealth building. Financial and Tax Planning, Education Planning, Retirement, Estate and Trust planning, and Intergenerational Wealth Transfer. All these issues and more are the puzzle pieces we analyze and carefully balance to create a total wealth management strategy for every client we advise.

Life insurance is a powerful, yet frequently ignored, wealth-management, estate-planning and intergenerational wealth transfer tool. Insurance planning is a crucial part of the wealth management process and is an issue we prefer to address early in all our client relationships, before it’s too late.

Our fees are based on a modest percentage of client assets under administration and, depending on the circumstances, on a percentage of investment transactions. We believe in complete cost transparency and the total alignment between your interests and our own.